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I’ve worked with Tracey extensively over the last 2 years and suffice to say she is a spiritual powerhouse with wonderful and nuanced insight and caring energy who has essentially brought me from an adolescent arrested developmental state to a more mature and stable man. I highly recommend her to all, DP, Berkeley CA

Tracey is an amazing coach. I would describe the experience of working with Tracey as life-changing. I am learning how to better navigate boundaries with my family. I am also learning how to be less reactive to emotional triggers. My personal relationships feel cleaner. My work life has improved dramatically. I have earned more money this year than I ever have and have actually worked less than I ever have. CVM, Oakland, CA  

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Hit Repeat

By Annette Kurtz It’s with great joy that I book my flight to Singapore! I last visited the tropical city state in March 2011. On this trip 75% of my client appointments are repeat consultations; clients that have already had a space clearing ceremony within the last 2 years. It’s a welcome opportunity to reflect on the benefits of repeat Continue Reading

Transitions – Rituals for harmonizing times of change

Until recently I thought that change and transition were interchangeable.  After further research I learned that even though they go hand-in-hand, transition is much more of a psychological phenomena versus change which is situational (i.e.,  the move to a new home; beginning a new job; or beginning a new relationship). And change only works when it is accompanied by transition. Continue Reading