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I’ve worked with Tracey extensively over the last 2 years and suffice to say she is a spiritual powerhouse with wonderful and nuanced insight and caring energy who has essentially brought me from an adolescent arrested developmental state to a more mature and stable man. I highly recommend her to all, DP, Berkeley CA

I was wanting to write to you but haven’t really had the right words yet. So much happened here on Saturday, and you were just amazing. Thank you for all you did to help us, and thank you for not getting overwhelmed by how great our need was to be helped. I felt like you gave so much of yourself in our clearing, more than I would ever have expected a space clearing practitioner to give. It was, you were, so beautiful.
Alison, New Jersey

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Hit Repeat

By Annette Kurtz It’s with great joy that I book my flight to Singapore! I last visited the tropical city state in March 2011. On this trip 75% of my client appointments are repeat consultations; clients that have already had a space clearing ceremony within the last 2 years. It’s a welcome opportunity to reflect on the benefits of repeat Continue Reading

Transitions – Rituals for harmonizing times of change

Until recently I thought that change and transition were interchangeable.  After further research I learned that even though they go hand-in-hand, transition is much more of a psychological phenomena versus change which is situational (i.e.,  the move to a new home; beginning a new job; or beginning a new relationship). And change only works when it is accompanied by transition. Continue Reading