Welcome to the home of RedAlchemy.

Tracey established Red Alchemy in 2003 in Singapore and later in 2006, as an LLC in New York. Red Alchemy brings to you the personal flair and vast experience of Tracey Stanton.

Tracey is an expert in Space Clearing, & Emotional Healing. Space Clearing involves a beautiful and profound ceremony that uplifts and purifies the energy in the home or office. Since 2002 Tracey has worked in the homes and offices of more than 800 people.

Red Alchemy: Red symbolises vitality, passion, life-force and initiative; the impetus for change. Alchemy denotes a fluid and dynamic process that brings about profound and lasting transformation. Alchemy also hints at a mystery, an opening to possibilities – the unexpected can and does happen.

Red Alchemy’s purpose is to bring about positive change in the lives of our clients and to give you an experience that far exceeds expectations.

The approach is to create the ‘space’ for change both on a personal inner level and in the physical spaces in which you live or work. Spaces of clarity, spaces that inspire and uplift!

I offer personal consultations, workshops and one-on-one sessions in the areas of specialty: Space Clearing & Feng Shui, Emotional Healing /Clearing and Relationship Coaching. I also offer a few of programs that run for 3, 6 and 12 months.

I work in a very grounded and precise way. No belief system is required; the techniques are solid and the results tangible and measurable.

I welcome your enquiries and look forward to hearing from you!

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