stantonI am passionate, lively and deeply inquisitive. These qualities have directed my life since young. My enthusiasm has led me to 22 different countries, where I have had many rich and wonderful experiences engaging people from diverse backgrounds.

Born in the UK, I earned undergraduate honors in European Business and IT and a TEFLA certificate that gave me the possibility to move to Guatemala to teach English & learn Spanish for six months. A yearning to see Asia followed and it was here that my heart began to open; the quality of heart in Asia resonated with me so deeply that it affected the course of my life. On my first trip to India I felt a deep sense of connection with the land. The depth of spirituality, the beauty of ritual, felt so familiar to me.

In Singapore I achieved success in international marketing and ran my own television production company. For five years I excelled and received significant financial rewards, but the aching need for spiritual connection in my… READ MORE >