Entity Clearing Therapy is a way of clearing non-physical parasites, beings that have become attached to human beings or are located in spaces.

In humans they create a range of physical, mental (or emotional) symptoms ranging from uncontrollable emotions, eating disorders to more severe diseases. They are energetic parasites that affect the layer of life force.

This topic of entities or fragments is both old and new, and references to spirits and non physical beings in all traditions and folklore of the earth. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, one of the eight sections in entirely devoted to the study of “Bhutas” or entities and their influence on our health and sanity and how to get rid of them. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, in accupuncture of the 361 points of the fourteen main meridians, 17 have the word “Kuei” (disincarnate spirit) as part of their main or secondary name.
In the western world the topic of entities is looked at as quite new, and has rarely been studied in great depth. Thus the number of qualified therapists capable of handling entities properly is negligible.

These energies can be responsible for disease and they can have the effect on a person of exacerbating emotions and behavioral patterns: for example, intensifying cravings and draining vitality.

Benefits of Clearing: vitality is boosted, negative emotional patterns diminish or disappear, cravings or addictions may lessen in intensity or even disappear altogether, feelings of self-confidence and a greater sense of self is restored.

In buildings there is often a cold feeling or sensation when entering a room, or the feeling of being watched. In dark or old dank buildings where death has taken place these fragments or entities are attracted back to a familiar location. They are often found on the crossing of Earth lines”.

For further reading on the topic “Entity Possession – Freeing the Body of Negative Influences” – Samuel Sagan MD

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