Space Clearing is a specialized branch of Feng Shui. It involves a beautiful and profound ceremony that is designed to cleanse and consecrate the energy of a physical space. It uplifts the energy (Qi) of the physical environment, clearing out predecessor energies and unblocking energies that have become stuck or stagnant over time. Space Clearing brings spirit into matter, or put more simply it brings the dead energy (Qi) of a space back to life!

Unlike conventional Feng Shui, Space Clearing does not require you to move furniture – it works at a deeper level on the energy of a space. After a Space Clearing there is a tangible sense of lightness and clarity that pervades throughout. Clients who have experienced a Space Clearing after moving into a previously inhabited home report that their home feels like their own after the ceremony, with the imprints of the previous owner gone. For those who have moved into a newly constructed property, the ceremony helps them to land in the space with their life priorities in place. Many people have commented that their home feels very alive after a Space Clearing. The tingling energy they sense can be compared to the excitement of Christmas morning or the heightened, crisp clarity in the air when a very special sacred event has taken place.

What Space Clearing can do for you

spaceclearing2There are infinite possibilities for the changes that can take place in your life as a result of a Space Clearing. The ceremony can help accomplish all of the following:

  • Clear the imprints of the previous occupants. It’s like energetic spring-cleaning. (This is a must for old properties or places holding sad, broken memories or tough times.)
  • Consecrate a newly built home or business space. Start your new life as you intend to move forward. Bring good fortune and luck to a new home or office.
  • Identify and clear out the cause of recurrent health issues. Some buildings are sick for a number of reasons. Space Clearing addresses the underlying causes and in many cases helps re-address the balance.
  • Bring greater clarity, vitality and dynamism to your life. Space Clearing can boost your energy for months afterwards. It gives you that lift you need to let go of the old and to embrace the new.
  • Sell your property. Space Clearing gets things moving and in many cases allows you to let go of the attachments and memories associated with a place you have inhabited.
  • Create a space to attract new projects, people, fresh ideas and impulses. A space-cleared place attracts good chi which for many translates into a new man, a new job or bonus or simply the arrival of some great new ways of thinking about life.
  • Improve communications with loved ones or colleagues. Common results for a Space Clearing include reconciliations or resolution of long-standing conflicts. Minds open and even the worst of enemies become friends.
  • Create intimate spaces to resolve differences in personal relationships. Many a relationship is reborn as a result of a Space Clearing. The ceremony helps the participants reconnect back to the love that was once there or the reason they fell in love in the first place.
  • Feel more grounded in life. When you move regularly it can be very tiring and unsettling. Space Clearing allows you to really land and be present in your home and your life.
  • Achieve spiritual reconnection. Profound awakenings are possible for those people seeking truth. It brings realizations of great magnitude if you are ready and available to receive them.
  • Weave a beautiful space to welcome the birth of your child. Give your child the best possible start by creating a beautiful sweet space.
  • Have your workspace buzzing with the energy of success. The telephones ring after a Space Clearing. Many businesses experience increases in sales and the energy is high!
  • Help you get going on clearing clutter. Space Clearing brings forth the energy needed to get you started on all those unfinished things!

Clutter Clearing

“Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity” – Albert Einstein

Clutter Clearing is about learning how to let go. I often compare it to the cycle of birth and death. We acquire, use or love things and then we let go. Let your unloved or unused items go and allow the chi to flow! It involves letting go of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attachments that inhibit us from having a life free from fears and negative emotions. Sounds simple? It is, if you allow it to be.

I have been my own teacher with clutter clearing. I have gained experience of working with people’s stuff in their homes for more than 12 years. This experience has come through the hundreds of Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing consultations I have done but it also includes all the classes and programs I have developed and taught. One thing I have found is that Clutter Clearing is always a lot easier when done in conjunction with Space Clearing. If you read the earlier section you will see how and why Space Clearing greatly aids clearing the stuck, stagnant and sticky energies that accumulate around clutter. It also helps free up people’s emotions and raise their consciousness to a state above the level of the clutter problems.

Since I began Space Clearing in 2002, I have honed my energy sensing abilities to be able to read the emotional imprints of the space – walls, furniture, and items. These skills have allowed me to get to the source of clutter issues, therefore bringing greater awareness to a situation. Rather than instructing you on how to organize your stuff or throw things out I prefer to empower you to know for yourself, and experience the emotions and reasons why you are holding on. This method allows you to make clear decisions about what to do with your things or how to work towards releasing the fears & emotions associated with it.

Clutter Clearing when done on a regular basis can be a highly purifying transformational process, bringing profound realizations and shifts. It frees your physical energy and more can uplift your spirits. Just how the old saying goes, ‘Out with the old, in with the new,’ the opportunity for us to receive more is only possible when we learn how to let go. Is there room in your life right now for a new partner, job, creative project, windfall or child to arrive?


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